Mindblowing Orgasm Girl!

Mindblowing Orgasm Girl!

Phone calls. Oh, fuck, it”s another fucking phone call. Who is it NOW? Maury, Kanye, Ronnie, George? Who’s the one that i call large, if it”s Mrjyn, I”ll go to sleep and he”ll keep, and if it”s kanye i”ll kick rap some dope sleazy, yo, if it”s Ronnie i”ll get my gun suicide sure sounds like fun, it won”t be George, love of my life, he ignores me like his ex wife.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, Hello? It”s goddamn motherfucking pain in my ass, Marathon MO. god, Help me, Ronnie, help me get off the Shoshone SHOULD I LOVE? SHOE IS MR. RIGHT?


Mindblowing Orgasm Girl!SHOE SHOULD I LOVE? SHOE IS MR. RIGHT?

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